2020 Bouquet CSA - Dahlia Share


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The best way to understand the CSA model is to look at each element.

Community. The heart of the model. Our farm supporters, or CSA shareholders, are those who value fresh local flowers, and who appreciate the presence of sustainable agriculture within their community.

Supported. The lifeblood of the farm is the community's support. You become a CSA member by pre-purchasing a 'share' of our harvest. The proceeds from your share help underwrite the harvest for the entire season.

Agriculture. Agriculture has been a mainstay industry in the Walla Walla valley for generations. Your share puts beautiful weekly blooms on your table, and is helping to keep 10 acres of prime Walla Walla agricultural land in sustainable production.

How it works-
Each option itemizes the anticipated crops expected in the share and estimates the duration and frequency of harvest distributions. Your share payment in winter provides literal 'seed money' at a time when our farm revenues are slim and when cash flow is in greatest demand.

Similar to any other investment, purchasing a share means you willingly share in the risks of the farm - such as variable harvests due to crop losses and extreme weather. But you also share in the rewards by receiving regular distribution of the harvest, reaping any overabundance in crops and enjoying special members-only perks.

Dahlia Share--
4 weeks - first harvest beginning in August 2020 – share includes:
One weekly, lush market-style bouquet delivered to your door in Walla Walla or College Place.

One glass cylindrical vase with etched farm logo to display your weekly bouquet.

One pint of powdered flower food to keep your weekly blooms fresh and fed.

Regular e-newsletter to give you insight into the bouquet’s ingredients and a behind-the-scenes peek at the flower fields and farm production.

If purchasing as a gift (even if gifting to yourself), let us know in the 'notes' at check out so that we can coordinate to get the vase to you - delivery of the vase to Walla Walla & College Place is complimentary.

While dahlias will be the star of this share, the following blooms are also planned -
Specialty grasses & grains
And a continuation of the Summer Share varieties (cosmos, coreopsis, marigold, rudbeckia, scabiosa, strawflower, sunflower, statice, yarrow, zinnia)

Additional important details

Since weather plays a pivotal role in our harvest schedule, the starting time frames for each share listed are approximate. However, the distribution date and time will be Friday mornings - and this will remain constant throughout the share period once harvest is underway. As the first harvest approaches, we will update members via the farm e-newsletter. Bouquets will be delivered to your door, all you have to do is provide a bucket of water in a shady, accessible spot!

Members recognize that a CSA membership is a type of investment, and that even with the best of intentions and the hardest of efforts, farming involves nature - and Mother Nature always has the last say. Members come into membership in the same good faith that we provide it, knowing that some crops may fail and others may overproduce. No matter the climate that Mother Nature bestows upon us during the season, we will strive to fulfill the entire duration of each share, somehow someway - Scouts honor!

We understand some folks take vacations during the spring & summer months. With advance notice we can accommodate adjusted deliveries (perhaps to a friend or neighbor), as well as a one time skip that will allow you to extend your share period by a week. As always, we make weekly donations to Walla Walla Community Hospice which is also an option.